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The New You Surgery-Free Gastric-Band Weight-Loss Program


Are you looking to lose weight? Are you searching for yet another diet? Well, prepare yourself, because diets don't work. If they did, then wouldn't we have found that one of the myriad different dieting schemes would have stood the test of time?

Diets are basically temporary, at best only to be followed until the desired amount of weight has been lost. This of course leads to weight gain as soon as the diet is over. And worse - more often than not it leads to gaining more weight than had been lost.

Diets are strict and unforgiving. If we ‘break’ the diet or ‘cheat’ and have that extra cookie it often ruins the whole day and then maybe even take days or weeks to get ‘back on’ plan. We try to be perfect and then mentally beat ourselves up when we fail.

New You Hypnosis and Reiki Chelmsford and Westford is professional, affordable, and reliable!

Surgery Free - Gastric Band Hypnosis


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How many times have you decided to

start your diet and/or exercise on the

next Monday? Maybe you were

successful for a while but eventually

diets fail as the motivation fades.

Most diets require you to deprive

yourself of certain foods and to

count, measure and weigh everything

that you eat.

We end up eating differently from the

people around us and become more

and more obsessed with the food

that we are eating or more importantly

what foods we are not eating.

Isn't what you need a way to make

life long changes to the way you think

about and behave around food?

Do you want to greatly reduce the

amount of food you eat without you ever feeling deprived or hungry?

How does the Surgery-Free Gastric-Band program work?

Your unconscious mind is very open to positive suggestions during hypnosis sessions and does not differentiate between fact and fiction. Your unconscious mind accepts acceptable suggestion it receives as truth. If your unconscious mind believes that you are undergoing the gastric band procedure then your body will respond accordingly. This results in you feeling physically fuller on smaller amounts of food etc.

However just having the Surgery-Free Gastric Band is not enough. Many people who have had the actual surgery fail in their attempts to shed the excess weight because the underlying causes of the weight gain, the habits and behaviors around food consumption, are not truly addressed. Our program provides the sessions to do just that - deal  with what lead you to gain the excess weight in the first place. Are there any particular foods that trigger you to eat more? Are there people, situations, times or circumstances that always lead you to over eat?

One of the main reasons for the success of our program that it is individually tailored to suit your unique circumstances and requirements.

The program is highly effective, however it is not magic. There is still some effort required from you, as there is with the actual surgery. You spend time looking back at your habits, thoughts and behaviors around food and overeating. You will put new habits, thoughts and behaviors into practice. Our program supports the changes you have to make in order to shed the excess weight, it is a highly effective tool for you to use to achieve your goals.

During our 5 session program we address these issues both before and after the virtual surgery which takes place during the 3rd session. You will notice changes in your thoughts, habits and behaviors after session 1 and each subsequent session builds on your success making the changes necessary for lifelong success.