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Discovered in Japan during the early 1900’s by Dr Usui, Reiki (pronounce it Raykey) is a technique for stress reduction and relaxation which promotes good health and healing. The word Reiki essentially means universal light energy and is given through the laying on of hands either on or just above the body. The energy flows through the practitioner to the recipient, finding its way to where it is most needed. All Reiki techniques are passed from master to student through a process of attunement. This lineage can be traced right back to Dr Usui.

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What to expect from a Reiki Session

What is Reiki?

New You - Hypnosis and Reiki

Reiki is extremely safe and has proved very effective in the relief of stress, anxiety, emotional and health problems. It clears any energy blockages through the body and the Chakras allowing the body to return to natural health and vitality. It speeds up healing and recovery. Reiki can also be used to support habit breaking efforts such as smoking and overeating. It can used to help boost performance and confidence, in, for example, sports, your work and relationships. Reiki should not be used to replace any treatment you are currently using without the consent of your medical Doctor. However, it is extremely safe to use alongside any form of therapy you may already be undertaking, which will be greatly enhanced by the energy work you receive.

A Reiki session is carried out with you either sitting in a chair or, more commonly, laying on a massage table. There will be soft music playing in the background and you remain fully clothed throughout the session. The Reiki practitioner will place their hands on, or just above, different positions on the head, torso, arms and legs. The hands remain still and in each position for several minutes. There have been many accounts of what you may feel during a session, some people report feeling tingling, pulsing or temperature changes. Some people report seeing colors or patterns while others don’t experience anything specific but all are left with an overall deep relaxation and feeling of well-being. A Reiki session typically lasts 45-60 minutes. Your first session will include a detailed discussion about what your needs are so expect it to take a little longer.It is recommended that you drink plenty of water after a Reiki session as many toxins are released during the process and the water helps to clear them out of your body quickly.

​​Reiki is great for your pets too!

​Reiki has traditionally been used to provide therapy for humans, however, it is increasingly being used for animals. 
Reiki is always safe for animals and can be given directly or from a distance.  With Reiki,  animals do not have to be
confined or remain still, the animal will determine how the energy will be received and for how long. Reiki can help
ease anxiety and discomfort. It is very effective pre and post operatively and can help speed the healing process.
​A session will usually last 40 to 60 minutes, the length being determined by the animal’s response to the Reiki energy.

​For Reiki pet sessions, I come to your home so that your pets are in their own environment. Reiki helps with anxiety, discomfort and supports any medical treatments. If your pet is going for surgery then Reiki can help to speed up the healing process and lower the pain felt afterwards.

​Sessions usually last 40-60 minutes, your pet does not need to remain still or be constrained in any way. Reiki can be given by direct touch or from a distance so your pet will be relaxed and comfortable with my visit.

Reiki for Pets


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